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Coaches Welcome Letter

Welcome  New AYS Coaches & Asst. Coaches,

             AYS wants to be the first to say thank you for volunteering for the Fall 2016 season. Below are 4 steps that AYS requires all volunteers to complete prior to the season. These requirements have been put in place to ensure the safety of all our players. AYS also strives to further educate all volunteers to help provide the best coaching experience for all of our participants. All 4 of these required steps have been listed below:

(Note: Returning Coaches will only have to re-register with MYSA every Fall. All CORI's will have to be resubmitted once your previous CORI expires.)

Step 1 (MYSA - Mass Youth Soccer Association Registration):

  • Please register using the Adult Registration Portal on the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Website (See Link Below). You will need to upload a passport size headshot to complete the process.
  • Please remember to save your username and password information.  You will be required to register annually (This registration will be good for the following fall and spring seasons).

Step 2 (CORI check):           

  • Once you register using the above link, an email will be sent to your registered email address from with a link to complete the CORI Submission Request.  
  • After you complete the CORI form, you must print and mail a copy of the form along with a copy of your license or government issued ID to the AYS CORI Submitter, Craig Levis. These can be mailed to:

Attleboro Youth Soccer

PO Box 641

Attleboro, MA 02703

  • When this process is completed, your CORI will be in good standing for 3 years.  Approximately 5 months prior to the expiration date of your CORI, you will be sent an email to complete the CORI Submission Request.
  • Please contact the AYS CORI Submitter, Craig Levis, at if you have any questions.

Step 3 (Concussion Training)

  • As a parent of a youth athlete I am sure you are aware of the seriousness of head related injuries for youth athletes.  As a coach you are likely to be the first line of defense in preventing and recognizing potential signs of concussion.  AYS therefore asks that you become familiar with the concussion policy and take the online training course available at:

Step 4 (F-License):

  •  It is AYS policy that all coaches and assistant coaches complete the F-License program to help them understand the program and better understand how to better interact with the kids.  This is an online only course at this time and does not have to be completed in one sitting. The estimated total time to complete this training is only two hours. One thing I liked was that you can log into the assigned account and completed a section at a time.  AYS will reimburse you for the cost ($25.00) of the course if you take it elsewhere or online when you submit to me a copy of the certificate of completion and a copy of the receipt.  Additional information can be found here:

Inclement Weather

Please review the AYS Inclement Weather Policy at  While myself and other board members will make every effort to communicate field closures and cancellations in a timely manner we also rely on you as adult coaches to use your judgment to ensure the safety of the players AND damage to the fields.  So if its pouring rain and\or there is standing water on the fields please cancel your practices.  Also please move practice away from any muddy spots and try to avoid the goal keeper areas of fields.  


Zero Tolerance Policy

AYS has a long standing Zero Tolerance Policy for all coaches and parents.  It is your responsibility to read and understand it.  Remember the referees are children too and are still learning the game and they will make mistakes, you CAN NOT interact with the referees except Coaches may ask questions before the game, call for substitutions and point out emergencies during the game, or respond to the referee if addressed.  So I suggest you sit back, relax and enjoy the game as it plays out.  Remember this is just kids having fun playing a game, they are not professional players with careers on the line.


As another coach once told me you never want to be a players last coach for a sport. 






AYS-In-Town Director


*The next upcoming AYS Boardl Meeting is scheduled for Thursday April 12th @ 8:00 pm in the Bartek Center Classroom.




"Only where children gather is there any real chance of fun."

Mignon McLaughlin