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Fall 2013 In-town Information

Dear AYS Recreational League Players, Parents, and Coaches:

Welcome to the 2013 Fall In-Town Soccer Season!

Our season will begin on Sunday, September 8th and runs through Sunday, October 27th for all age groups. Note: U9/U10 Boys, U9/U10 Girls, U11/U12 COED and U14/U16 COED will play until Sunday November 10th (Semi-Final and Championship Rounds).

Game Day Schedule:



Upper Dodgeville


Lower Dodgeville


10:30 AM




U11/12 COED

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12:00 PM





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1:30 PM




U14/16 COED

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page1image44064 page1image44648

3:00 PM

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U6C and U7C will again play the 4v4 Dual Field Format (25 Minute Skills Session, 30 Minute Game) U8 U16 will play 6v6, with Goalkeeper (15 minute warm-up, 2-20 minute halves & 5 minute halftime)

Additionally AYS encourages every team to conduct a mid-week practice each week. For U8 through U16 coaches will pick the date and time and let the players know. For U6 and U7 we are going to have all teams practice on the same day starting the week of September 9th. U6 will be practicing on Tuesday’s at 5:30 and U7 will be practicing on Thursday’s at 5:30 both will take place at Upper Dodgeville.

***Please remember: No Dogs (no matter how small) are allowed on the fields during practices or games. Also, please take note of the NO PARKING signs along Rt 152 North side adjacent to the Lower Dodgeville fields. These are not AYS rules, they are Attleboro city ordinances.***

Please DO NOT PARK along the monument, in the Blue Hash Areas in the old tennis courts, or on the grass. hese create bottle necks for traffic.

Prior to the start of the season your coach will contact you to let you know what team your child is on and when and where the weekday practice is scheduled. The coach will issue team shirts at the first game. .

Games will officially begin on September 8th. Note: There will be games on the Sunday before Columbus Day. Please refer to the In-Town section of our website for the complete season game schedule (to be posted by Sept.6th).

Each week your child will need:

  •   Water Bottle (1 or more)

  •   Cleats

  •   Shin Pads (must be worn under the socks)

  •   Soccer Ball (Size 3 for U5 U7 / Size 4 for U8 U12/ Size 5 for U14 & U16)

  •   Shorts or sweat pants on colder days and socks (Black shorts\pants are recommended)

    Soccer is an all-weather sport. Therefore you should expect that at least some of your child’s games would be played on damp and drizzly days. The field conditions, not the weather are the deciding factor for the Attleboro Recreation Department to close the fields. All cancellations will be posted on the AYS website. Notice of practice cancellation will go out by 3:30 PM on the given day, and at 9AM on Sunday, or as soon as a decision is made.

    Sunday November 3rd and 10th (for U6 through U8) are being reserved as “Rain Dates”.
    Sunday November 3rd and 10th (for U9 through U16) will be used for the Tournament Playoff and

    Championship Rounds.

    AYS Zero Tolerance Policy:

    Parents and Coaches, please remember that the Referees officiating your son or daughters game are young players, who themselves are still learning the game, and will make mistakes. We ask that you DO NOT make any disparaging remarks towards the referees. If any of our referees feel they are being harassed or taunted, they will stop the game and action will be taken by the AYS In-Town Director to remove anyone who violates the ZERO Tolerance Policy. For full disclosure of the AYS policies, you can refer to the AYS website, at

    Fall Picture Day:

    Picture Day has been schedule for Saturday, September 14th. As always, pictures can be ordered either online or via form to be handed out by the coach. A full schedule will be posted to the AYS website by September, 7th.

    Raffle Calendars:

    With the fall season comes our annual fundraiser that helps keep registration cost down for AYS, the Raffle Calendars. Although each player is given (10) calendars, we ask that each player sell a minimum of (5) calendars. If each players sells the minimum required, this helps AYS keep registration costs lower than many surrounding towns. So please help AYS, as this is the only major fundraiser event.

    AYS Volunteers:

    Please remember AYS is a parent volunteer run organization. We are always looking for volunteers for coaches, assistant coaches, age group coordinators to help direct people before each game, manning the apparel tables and helping to paint lines on the fields each week. If you did not register as a volunteer when you registered your child please contact me. Also please remember to treat all of our volunteers with respect they are doing their best to help your children.

    On behalf of all the Recreation League Volunteers we are looking forward to seeing you on the field and remember:

    Play Safe, Play Fair, and Have Fun!

    Dan Smith
    AYS In-Town Director 





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*The next upcoming AYS Boardl Meeting is scheduled for Thursday April 12th @ 8:00 pm in the Bartek Center Classroom.




"Only where children gather is there any real chance of fun."

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